SingTrue: Learn to sing in tune, pitch perfect App Reviews

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I like the app

Im participating in a talent show and my dad suggested this app and Im told Im really improving with my voice

Great App

I dont usually write reviews but I have to tell you that this is a really cool app! Im a decent guitarist bit limit never was much of a singer. This App is helping change that (improve the singing, not lower my guitar skills ;). So, if you love to sing, want to find and stay in the right key and learn much more, I highly recommend this app!

Sing true

As a beginner, Im finding it helpful to differentiate hearing the tones and maintaining pitch.


Getting Ready For A Show And This App Has Helped Me Tremendously! Boosted My Confidence In My Voice!


I like this app and it is mainly helping me with singing long notes so thats one of the reasons you would like to get the app then this is the right app for you!

Great app! Easy to use and solid learning curve


Awesome App

Very good for those trying to build heir voice and musicality overall

Great for what it does...

I was looking for a singing lessons app. This app is good for training your ear and for training your voice, but after the first couple of times using it, I am getting tired of singing the same note over and over. Im consistently getting scores between 93 and 100 with comments like, "great job." Other than that I dont feel like Im learning to sing. Maybe I should change "my note" to another note to strengthen my voice? Maybe I just dont understand how it works? Otherwise, I really like it to get started.

Ive gotten much better

I had no musical talent or experience and needed/wanted to learn how to sing. This has been fun and hwlelpful


its an awesome app just need more sections to practice on!!

Really enjoying this!

Very interesting and informative...Im improving my singing voice for sure! Thanks!


Love this app

Good and less good

Good: Gives feedback. Uses the microphone to give you visual feedback on how you did. Less Good: Lives. Really? Let me just buy the app. Or if I dont use it for a day or two at least let me accumulate lives per day so when I do use it my lives arent gone just when my voice starts to warm up a little. Also - how about a start button? I gave a little cough after singing my note and WHAM 1 life gone and I didnt sing a note! Shame about the lives problem. I do like what little time I get with it....

I hate this app

It is boring nothing to do on it like sing you only learn about high lower and up and down dont get this app

Fun I hope it will work

I think this is the best chance I have to learn to sing. All things get better with practice

Very Cool

This is a great app! I played enough to see that it was useful and then got all the extra exercises. Ive been doing a lot of ear training lately, and I enjoy this because it really shows where youre at. Also you dont need any music theory, I know theory and I can relate it to that, but if you dont have it, it will still help you train your ears and coordinate your voice

Jesse Review

Singing is part of my life. I love to sing. This app improves my voice. It will always help me.

Perfect for practice

You can use the app to start singing from the very beginning

Fun app and usefull

Works well and is fun

Great Application!

I as a beginner in singing really like this App, its perfect for me to start to learn singing. What i would like to get is the ability to interchange my profile between multiple devices. Except for the last point, a perfect app! Really excited about following contents!

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